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Yair Emanuel Towels

Looking for a Judaica hostess gift? Something small but meaningful. Present her with hand towels from the Yair Emanuel collection. They will add a delightful touch to the ritual Netillat Yadayim – the washing of the hands before eating bread.

Want to bring an extra touch to your Shabbat? Enhance the netilat yadayim ritual! Instead of everyone drying their hands on a single towel, place by the sink a few Yair Emanuel hand towels. Your guests will feel so special and pampered.

Searching for a party favor that will be really appreciated? Present your guests with a pair of Yair Emanuel hand towels for use after Netilat Yadayim. They will be used and enjoyed by the entire family and you will be thanked again and again.

Each one of Yair Emanuel’s hand towels is exquisitely designed. Made from quality terry toweling, they display delightful embroidery at the base. There is a choice of designs. Some feature the words “al netial ya’dayim” or “Shabbat Shalom,” delicately decorated with elegant grapes or pomegranates. Other towels display iconic images of Jerusalem – always a source of inspiration for Yair Emanuel.

Also in the collection is a towel featuring an elegant pomegranate design. It is without text, so it is suitable for use on Shabbat or Holidays or any other festive occasion.

There is also a choice of Yair Emanuel Pessach towels. They will enhance your Seder night, adding an elegant touch to the ritual twice netilat yadayim that is an integral feature of the Seder night program. Each one is elegantly embroidered with words from the Seder night ritual.

The Yair Emanuel hand towels are a beautiful expression of hidur mitzvah - expressing love and devotion to the mitzvahs by ensuring that ritual objects are always aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. These attractive Judaica hand towels will enhance the mitzvah of netilat yadayim and add beauty and meaning to your Shabbat and Holidays.

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