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The classic and decorative Yair Emanuel Tallit is an all time favorite, featuring materials including raw silk, organza and wool Tallitot with Judaica theme designs. Jerusalem Vista, Bird design, Miriam Tallit are just a few in this unique and contemporary collection.

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Showing 1-32 out of 66 items

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Yair Emanuel Tallit


A powerful Jewish symbol that always excites the mind and heart is the image of the Jew, earnestly praying, wrapped in his tallit – the traditional four cornered cloak-style shawl. Today, the traditional tallit has many variations in color, style, and fabric. Although the classic style remains popular, many are opting for a more contemporary style of prayer shawl with cheerful colors that resonate with their modern lifestyle.


Yair Emanuel has translated this need into a remarkable collection of modern-style tallitot that speak to all Jews everywhere. In an outpouring of creativity, this prolific artist offers us an endless variety of hand-painted colorful tallitot that combine old and new, tradition and contemporary art. There is cotton, silk, organza and other exquisite fabric combinations. Prominent in the collection are his elegant embroidery on hand appliques. Many of the silk prints feature classic Jewish themes. There are the Yair Emanuel vivid and dramatic color combinations. You will find fuchsia, magenta, turquoise, pink and magnificent sweeping shades that give a rich majestic effect.

Yair has given a subtle twist to the classic stripe design on a white background. He has reproduced the stripes in lively colors, repeating the theme at the corners and on the Atarah. For the more adventurous there are blue, maroon and pink tallitot, ablaze with magnificent embroidery, depicting floral themes or traditional Judaica motifs. The artist’s deep abiding attachment to Jerusalem is reflected in the variety of his images of the holy city. One of Emanuel’s most striking tallitot is the dramatic silk Tallit featuring a colorful Tree of Life design laden with fruitful pomegranates on a deep pink background.


Every Yair Emanuel tallit is a work of art. It will always be a meaningful gift for a bar mitzvah, wedding or any occasion. His tallitot carry an abiding message of the inner strength of maintaining Jewish tradition in a modern changing world.

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