Wall Hangings by Emanuel

These unique Wall Hangings by Yair Emanuel in Hebrew or English will beautify your home and make a meaningful gift for that special person.

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Showing 1-32 out of 74 items

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Wall Hangings by Yair Emanuel

Wall Hangings

Empty space on the wall in your home? It’s time to add a Yair Emanuel colorful wall hangings. It will decorate the space, bring a splash of color to your room or entrance and will also make a delightful conversation piece.

Yair Emanuel

You will find a huge choice of Yair Emanuel’s wall hangings on our website. Known world-over for his versatile talents, he uses a variety of mediums and techniques to produce items that combine function and decoration. His output is prodigious and he rightfully holds the honor of being one of Israel’s most popular Judaica artists.

His Wall Hangings

Yair Emanuel’s magnificent wall hangings are made of raw silk decorated with colored silk appliques attached with embroidery. The mounting rod, made from brass, stands on two screws attached to the wall. Attractive fringes are made from glass and metal beads. The color themes are vibrant and dynamic suggesting joy and a love of life.

The Choice

The collection offers a spectacular choice of themes. Always prominent are images of Jerusalem, an on-going source of inspiration for Yair Emanuel. For the entrance to your home you will find a choice of exquisitely decorated Home Blessings in Hebrew and English or a choice of cheerful embroidered Welcome or Shalom banners. Naturally, there is a selection of brightly colored wall hangings featuring the ever-popular Hamsa or fish theme. An Eshet Chayil embroidered wall hanging is a beautiful tribute to a special First Lady. You will find hangings depicting the Seven Species, Chai, the Twelve Tribes, Aaronic blessing and naturally lots of delectable pomegranates.


A Yair Emanuel wall hanging is a fabulous gift that will always delight and strike a responsive chord. It will add rich color to your home and is the perfect conversation piece. Treat yourself or present it as a gift for a cherished someone.

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