Challah Boards by Emanuel

The Yair Emanuel Challah Boards with Knife and Stand are works of art in themselves, besides being a practical base for cutting Challah, keeping the tablecloth pristine. With designs including Jerusalem, Seven Species, Biblical Figures and more, these make a unique and meaningful gift for that special host.

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Showing 1-32 out of 48 items

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The Shabbat Table

Shabbat is the day for spending quality time around the dinner table with family and dear ones. It is a day when you will want your tableware to be attractive with Shabbat ritual items that combine rich Jewish tradition and contemporary styles and art techniques.

Yair Emanuel’s Challah Boards

Meet Yair Emanuel, prolific Jerusalem artist whose creative output combines old and new, past and present style art. His collection of stunning Challah boards will upgrade your Shabbat table, enchanting everyone with their bright vivacious colors and lively themes. Each one is hand-painted wood using acrylic colors and then heavily lacquered to ensure long lasting durability.

The boards display distinctive colorful designs, usually based on traditional Jewish symbols of blessing. The innovative Seven Species board depicts the blessed agricultural products on a rural background. Another board, displays historic Biblical events in the life of the Jewish nation. The pastoral and the pomegranate Challah Boards are packed with vibrant colors and images. Always a favorite are the Jerusalem boards, displaying golden images of the Old City – its domes, curved arches and roof tops.

Matching Knives

An exclusive addition to each board is the matching Challah knife that comes with an elegant stand to hold it when it is not in use. The design of the stand matches the knife and board, making this the perfect set. For those who wish to buy only the knife and stand, there is a choice of two designs.

Lucite protective cover for board

Another feature is the option of a Lucite protective cover for the board. Cut on the Lucite and your board will retain its bright and fresh colors for many years.

Display the board

During the Kiddush recitation the challah board will be covered. For you and your guest to admire this magnificent piece of art work, leave it on the table for display during the meal and afterwards stand it in a prominent place in your Judaica display cabinet.

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