Mezuzahs by Emanuel

Artistic Mezuzah cases from Yair Emanuel, featuring Jewish themes such as Jerusalem, Bride and Groom, and Seven Species.

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Showing 1-32 out of 158 items

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Mezuzah Cases by Emanuel


When talking about Mezuzahs, it is important to differentiate between the mezuzah parchment and mezuzah case. The mitzvah is to attach to the doorpost of the home and places of work a parchment on which the Shema has been ritually written by a G-d fearing scribe. This is then rolled and inserted into a Mezuzah case. Jews have always been proud to use attractive Mezuzah cases, in keeping with the tradition of “hidur mitzvah” – beautifying articles used in connection with a mitzvah.


Scroll through our selection of Mezuzah cases, designed by beloved Jerusalem artist, Yair Emanuel. Each one is a hand-painted work of art that will add a touch of stylish beauty to your home. Combining tradition with modern art techniques, his exquisite drawings enhance the Mezuzah tradition, welcoming guests and family to your home with charm and elegance.

Emanuel’s favorite themes are all represented in this selection. The most predominant are is Jerusalem. Deeply connected to the holy city where he lives and works, he displays its colorful landscapes and iconic images. Another popular Emanuel theme is the world of nature. You will find here designs that feature flowers, birds, butterflies, deer and of course the symbolic pomegranate, all in vibrant warm colors that make it immediately recognizable as an Immanuel item. For an individual touch, there is a Torah scroll, David’s harp or Noah’s ark design. A striking bride and groom image, make this the perfect gift for a wedding or house warming gift.

Whichever Yair Emanuel Mezuzah case you choose, you can be sure that it will bring a splash of color to the home, radiating with joy its message of Divine protection.


Remember - the object of the Mezuzah case is to contain the parchment which must carry recognized Kashrut certification. You can purchase your Mezuzah scroll at aJudaica confident that the product is 100% Kosher and comes with an appropriate certificate.

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