Tzedakah Boxes by Emanuel

It is a traditon for the Jewish woman to put some coins into the Tzedaka Box before Sabbath candle lighting, as a merit for her prayers to be accepted. Thus, the Tzedaka (Charity) Box is an integral part of Jewish law and tradition.

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Showing 1-32 out of 43 items

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Yair Emanuel Tzedakah Boxes

Giving Charity

Sensitivity for human suffering and a willingness to donate generously to deserving causes is a Jewish characteristic. The custom to give charity goes back to Temple times when visitors would help to contribute to its upkeep. Today, the ever-present charity box in the Jewish home is an on-going reminder to always remember the needs of others.

A Yair Emanuel Charity Box

Yair Emanuel, one of Israel’s most popular Judaica artists, brings us a selection of striking charity boxes that add a new dimension to giving charity. There is a choice of colorful wood boxes, painted in acrylic colors and then painted with layers of lacquer to ensure durability and long-lasting wear. The illustrations depict lively views of Jerusalem, Hamsa or Yair’s hallmark peacock design. For children, there is a delightful Noah’s Ark image that will encourage them from a young age to drop in their coins and enjoy the mitzvah of giving charity. Alternatively, Yair offers anodized aluminum boxes in a sleek circular design. These come in striking contemporary color combinations that will enhance the décor wherever they are placed.

When to give charity

Jews customarily give charity at all times of the day – when they wish to celebrate, before praying, on Yahrzeit days and to commemorate special occasions. It is customary to keep a charity box next to the Shabbat candles and to slip in a few coins before welcoming Shabbat to the home. Others keep a box in a prominent place in the kitchen. It is never too early to teach children to give charity. So, keep a box in a child’s bedroom or study.

Your Yair Emanuel charity box.

When you buy a Yair Emanuel charity box, you are demonstrating loyalty to Jewish tradition and custom. Proudly display in a prominent place in your home and show your firm commitment to the Sages teaching that charity saves a person from evil decrees and brings blessing to the home.

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