Challah Covers by Emanuel

Beautify your Shabbat with Yair Emanuel Challah Covers at, Diverse designs such as Seven Days of Creation, Kotel Challa Cover, Jerusalem design, Wheat Stalk design and more.

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Showing 1-32 out of 135 items

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Emanuel Challah Covers

Honor the holy Shabbat Day

Honoring the Shabbat day is one of the Ten Commandments and ever since, Jews have been particular to make this a special day. Whether it is delicious food, family gatherings or the table setting, Shabbat is always a highlight.

The Challah Cover

The most striking element on the Shabbat table with its fine dishes and settings, is the decorative Challah cover that covers the two Shabbat challahs resting underneath. It remains, prominently placed, until it is removed before reciting the challah blessing. An attractive cover sets the tone and will give atmosphere to the Shabbat table.

The Yair Emanuel Challah Covers Collection

Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel invites you to experience the joy of Shabbat with one of his colorful vivacious Challah covers. Scroll through our selection. Each one is stunningly beautiful, a work of art that could proudly stand on the wall as a framed picture. Using elegant raw silk appliques, attached with embroidery, he has created fabulous covers that capture the spirit of Shabbat and are sure to enhance your table.

With endless talent, he blends traditional themes with contemporary style. The ever-popular pomegranate appears in various shapes and colors. You will find designs that feature elegant golden sheaves, Seven Species or the Lions of Judah. Each one displays breathtakingly beautiful embroidery. There are beautiful birds that perched on twigs will bring a gentle pastoral note to your table.

Pride of place in the collection is the Jerusalem theme. Living and working in the Holy City, Yair Emanuel never ceases to be inspired and exhilarated by its beauty, its spirit and its eternal message. This is expressed in the images of the city that he captures with his applique embroidery. A Jerusalem theme Challah cover from Yair Emanuel will surely strengthen your ties with the Jews’ ancient city.

As a gift

A Challah Cover is a beautiful gift for a young couple about to set up their own home. It will also be appreciated by your hostess, your guest – just anyone. Treat yourself. Use it every Shabbat or keep it for the Holidays. Whenever, wherever, a Yair Emanuel Challah cover will be a delight for the eye and the soul.

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