Colorful Childrens Stickers - The Ten Plagues

Colorful Childrens Stickers - The Ten Plagues

  • Children's stickers for teachers, parents or friends a fun gift
  • Story of the Ten Plagues in Egypt becomes alive and meaningful
  • Each sticker with a Hebrew heading illustrates one of the plagues
  • Twelves circular stickers on each page - ten pages in the pack

Product Description

Are you talking or teaching about the Ten Plagues? Use these pretty circular stickers to make the message lively and meaningful. A picture speaks a thousand words. The kids will love to stick them in their workbooks or coloring pages. Make a colorful posters with the kids. Use the stickers to quiz them on the names of the Ten Plagues.

10 pages in each package
18 stickers on each page


SKU: ZA-S2038
Children's Stickers
Diameter: 1" /2.5 cm

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