Hanukkah Menorah with Curving Branches - Gold Color

Hanukkah Menorah with Curving Branches - Gold Color

  • Nostalgic old-style Menorah
  • Engraved on curving branches
  • Decorative curving stem

Product Description

Here is an impressive gold plated metal Hanukkah Menorah with a nostalgic feel about it. The larger size makes it the perfect choice if you wish it to be prominently displayed. Curved branches are decorated with a knob design and the elaborately shaped stem is embellished with an intricate diamond and square design that repeats on the hexagon base. Small feet underneath give the Menorah an added touch of dignity.

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SKU: UK41830
Metal with gold finish
Height: 13.8" / 36 cm
Width: 13.7" / 35 cm
Depth: 5.5" / 14 cm

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