Gold and Silver Classic Jerusalem Wall Mezuzah Case

Gold and Silver Classic Jerusalem Wall Mezuzah Case

12 cm / 5"

Product Description

This gold and silver-plated Mezuzah case, made in Israel, combines classic and contemporary art. The prominent letter “shin” reminds us of the Mezuzah’s holiness. Along the sides are Old Jerusalem pictures with Jerusalem written in Hebrew and English letters.

The gold screw top and base are detachable for easy insertion of the parchment. Two-sided adhesive tape is provided for simple wall attachment. If you prefer, you can screw-attach using the holes at the top and bottom of the case.

All specified sizes refer to parchment length. The Mezuzah case is approx. 1” longer to ensure comfortable insertion.


SKU: SG-12092A
Size: 12 cm / 5"
Made in Israel .
Weather resistant.

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