Gray-Black-Brown Arc Menorah by Dabbah

Gray-Black-Brown Arc Menorah by Dabbah

  • Dignified gray, black and brown anodized aluminum
  • Letters of Haneirot Halalu prayer etched into Menorah arcs
  • For use with candles only holders detachable for easy washing

Product Description

Here is a classic style Menorah with an attractive modern twist. The eight candle holders, with a heightened Shamash, are in a straight line following Jewish tradition. Displaying his artistic creativity, Israeli craftsman Benny Dabbah has cut see-through Hebrew letters from the Chanukah prayer into the metal.

Please note: Your Menorah will feature the color combination you have chosen but there may be variations in the order of the colors.


SKU: DBH-HM-08-6
Artist: Benny Dabach
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Height: 12"/30 cm
Width: 11"/27 cm

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