Safed Lighthouse Havdalah Candle

By Sty-IL

Safed Lighthouse Havdalah Candle

By Sty-IL

Product Description

Here is a pretty lighthouse-shaped havdalah candle. Made from Kosher natural beeswax, it is crafted in the ancient mystical town of Safed. You will enjoy choosing from a choice of seven breathtaking colors: blue-white, orange-white, purple-white, yellow-white, violet-lilac-white, rose-pink-white, and maroon-white. Mothers of young children will appreciate the flat base; the candle stands on the table firmly and does not need to be held by shaking hands. Attractively packaged, we recommend this as a delightful hostess gift.
The havdalah light reminds us that after Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, G-d hid the Heavenly light and the world was plunged into darkness. Adam was filled with fear and then G-d showed him how to rub two stones together and create fire. In response, he thanked G-d for the great power of fire.


brand : Safed candles
Size: 5 x 23 cm / 2" x 9"
Made in Israel

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