Tarshish Ring by HaAri

Tarshish Ring by HaAri

Tarshish Ring by HaAri


Product Description

This stunning sterling silver ring crafted by Ha’Ari, carries deep Kabalah messages that will inspire, uplift, comfort and hopefully bring about positive changes in your life.
On each of the ring’s three rotating bands are engraved meaningful Hebrew words of prayer and blessing that have deep Kabbalah significance.
The first band carries the verse “ben porat Yosef alei ayin!” which is traditionally recited to bring protection and ward off the Evil Eye.
The middle band is engraved with a prayer asking for “abundance, grace and success” – an amulet for financial and economic success.
The third band is engraved with the words of Moses praying to G-d to heal his sister and to this day, these words are harbingers of health and well-being. Also included is the mystical chrysoberyl gem also known as cat’s eye - a Kabbalah symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Supply time: 7 days


Type: Kabbalah ring
Materials: sterling silver
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
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