Ten Commandment Mezuzah Case

Ten Commandment Mezuzah Case


Product Description

This delightful Mezuzah case, made in Israel, will be appreciated by all who enter your doors. It is made of durable metal and underneath the large shaped holy letter ”shin” is the traditional design of the Luchot and the Ten Commandments – a gentle reminder that only through observing the Ten Commandments will our life be fulfilling and spiritually satisfying.

The back of the case detaches for easy insertion of the parchment. It is attached to the wall with screws. Measurements refer to parchment size - the case is approx. 1” longer. This comes in a choice of three colors - blue gold plated, blue silver plated or light blue.


Material: Zamac
Made In Israel

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Ten Commandment Mezuzah

For 8.50 I was very please for the product I got. Made very nicely and didn't look cheap.

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