Kiddush Cup with plate

Kiddush Cup with plate

15 cm / 6" (Height)

Product Description

Here is a delightful silver plated Kiddush cup and matching plate. The foot gives it elegance and dignity. When you hold this cup in your right hand as you recite Kiddush, you will feel the holy spirit of Shabbat and its special message - Shabbat is the sign of G-d’s covenant with the Jewish nation, choosing us for our responsibility to be a light for the nations of the world. The word Kiddush means “holy”, a reminder that the role of the Jew is to elevate the physical. Wine is easily abused. At the Kiddush ceremony, it is used for a blessing and indeed wine is used to sanctify most milestones in the life of a Jew.

If you wipe the cup well after use and shine it from time to time with a silver cleaning solvent, you will enjoy it for many years. To ensure lasting wear, the silver plate has been sprayed with long-lasting lacquer.


Size: 15 cm / 6" (Height)
Plate circumference: 12 cm / 4.8"

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nice kiddush cup

very gentle and elegant cup, the plate is beautiful too, I enjoy making Kiddush every Shabbos with this cup

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