Medium Black Rams Horn Shofar - Polished

Medium Black Rams Horn Shofar - Polished


Product Description

Curved ram's horn shofar that is naturally colored black and has a polished finish. Handmade in Israel with official certification that it is Kosher, it has been personally hand-picked and tested for sound and quality by our experts. It is scentless.

This Shofar comes in a size 13-14. Note - the length of a shofar is determined by measuring along its outside curves not measuring in a straight line. The Shofar pictured here is an illustration. Color and shape vary.

During the 40 years that the Jews were in the desert, the Shofar sound was their rallying call to move. When they settled in Israel, the Shofar blast continued to be heard regularly, announcing major events or as part of the Temple service. Today, it is firmly associated with Rosh Hashonah and its prayers.

When purchasing this shofar you will receive our informative Shofar Guide with tips on blowing and caring for your shofar.


Handmade in Israel

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I had been praying that the sound would be unique and anointed. Praise Adonai this Shofar was an answer to that prayer!!! Amazing sound! THANK YOU AJUDAICA for hand-picking these shofars. The color is amazing too! SHALOM


Excellent product. Very reasonable price. I'm very happy with this purchase and am already in the process of ordering another one as a gift.

Medium Black Rams Horn Shofar - Polished

This is the shofar of my dreams, it is very hard to find on the marker a real black shofar, that also blows nicely and is altogether beautiful. This shofar is just it. I am so thrilled with it, I think I will be getting some more to give out to friends

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