Safed Round "Lantern" Havdalah Candle

By Sty-IL

Safed Round "Lantern" Havdalah Candle

By Sty-IL

Product Description

This gorgeous lantern Havdalah candle made from Kosher beeswax was crafted in the ancient town of Safed – city of mysticism and kabbalah. A delightful selection of colors is available: powder blue-white, purple-white, yellow-white, violet-lilac-white, rose pink-white, royal blue-white, orange-white, maroon-white. Attractively packaged this is an ideal gift if you do not want to be a guest who arrives with empty hands.
The choice of a lantern shape is meaningful for a havdalah candle. Before the advent of electricity, lanterns illuminated darkness and helped people find their way. “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” (Tehillim 109:105). The holy commandments are a lantern for our lives - illuminating, clarifying, guiding and directing!


Brand : Safed candles
Size: 5 x 23 cm / 2" x 9"
Made in Israel

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