Seven Blessings Spinner Gold Jewish Ring by HaAri

Seven Blessings Spinner Gold Jewish Ring by HaAri


Product Description

Here is a chance to relive your wedding ceremony that sacred moment when man and woman become husband and wife. It is all expressed in this 14k gold ring that has seven connected rings each one engraved with the Seven Blessings of the wedding ceremony. The five inner bands rotate and the entire ring is set with six diamonds.

The ring will remind you of the Seven Wedding Blessings that pray for Divine blessing to be granted to the newly wedded couple that are embarking on their life-long task to build a home and raise a family that will be a source of pride and joy to the Jewish nation.

Shipping time: 5-10 days


Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Ring Size Conversion
Width: 0.6" / 1.53 cm

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