Star of David Aluminium Menorah

Star of David Aluminium Menorah

8.5" / 21.5cm (Width)

Product Description

This interesting design with curved and straight lines has a striking Star of David in the center – a reminder of the strength and identity of the Jewish people. On either side, the rods holding the candle-holders form the letter “shin” – initial letter of the name of G-d – a reminder of the miracle of Chanukah that came about through Divine intervention.

Chanukah Nuggets…
The name “Chanukah” is made up of two words “Chanu” – they rested “kah” – on the 25th of Kislev when, during a respite in battle, the Maccabees rushed to purify the Temple from the idolatry of the Greek influence.


SKU: AM-C10061
Size: 8.5" / 21.5cm (Width)
Height: 4" / 10cm
Material: Aluminum

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