White Kosher Safed Shabbat Candles

By Sty-IL

White Kosher Safed Shabbat Candles

By Sty-IL
5.5" / 14 cm (height)

Product Description

These elegant white candles will infuse your weekly Shabbat light kindling with meaningful content, expressing our Sages recommendation to fulfill Mitzvot with aesthetically attractive items. Each candle, hand-made in the holy city of Safed using the traditional dipping method, is decorated with pretty wax beads.
The presentation box displays on the reverse the Blessing for light Shabbat candles and the accompanying prayer.


SKU: SG-05400-W
Size: 5.5" / 14 cm (height)
Base Diameter: 0.69" / 1.76cm
Burning time: 3-5 hours
12 in box
Made in Israel

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