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Sabbath day (and festivals) are always opened with a blessing over a cup of wine

The Shabbat or Festive table is set; the shining cutlery sparkles against the background of the pure, white, linen tablecloth. The candles that were lit by the woman of the house cast their glow on the faces of those present. The man of the house slowly raises a silver goblet that is filled to the rim with red wine. The moment of Kiddush, the sanctification of the occasion over a cup of wine has arrived.

Kiddush is related to the word Kadosh, holy, which in turn has its roots in the Hebrew word meaning to differentiate because this is just what we are doing- differentiating between this holy day and the mundane week. We invite you to take a look at our Kiddush Cups, to find the perfect one to enhance your Shabbat and festivals.

Why is the Kiddush ceremony a main feature of all Shabbatot and Festivals?

There is a verse in the Bible that reads, "Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it," and due to this verse, the Sabbath day (and festivals) are always opened with a blessing over a cup of wine. In fact, Kiddush is recited on the eve of Shabbat and festivals, as well as in the morning before the main meal.

What does the nighttime Kiddush that is recited on Shabbat consist of?

There are three parts to the nighttime Kiddush of Shabbat. Firstly there are three verses from the book of Genesis that recount how G-d rested on the seventh day of creation and thereby sanctified it. Next is the blessing over the wine. Lastly, there is a blessing that thanks G-d for giving us Shabbat.

What does the daytime Kiddush of Shabbat consist of?

The daytime Kiddush consists of several verses from the Biblical book of Exodus and the blessing over the wine.

What is the order of events on the eve of Shabbat?

Firstly a song called Shalom Aleichem is sung, welcoming the angels that accompany those who went to prayers home. Then the ode to all women called the Woman of Valor is sung. Next, the Kiddush cup is filled to the brim with wine. Everyone present then follows the custom of the one reciting the Kiddush. If it is his custom to stand then so does everyone else, if it is his custom to sit then again so does everyone else. The wine-filled cup is raised and the Kiddush is recited aloud. When saying the first four words, the Shabbat candles that the woman of the house lit are gazed at. After that the wine in the cup is looked at. At the conclusion of the blessings all those present say "amen". The one who recited the Kiddush drinks form the cup and then all those present also sip from the wine.

We feature minimalistic Kiddush cups from the Israeli artist Agayof in avant garde shades and shapes, and absolutely gorgeous modern ones from Caesarea Arts in a symmetrical most unusual shape. The traditional cups and plates are available in materials including pewter and nickel and sport designs of grapes, Jerusalem scenes and simple classic lines. The Yair Emanuel ones have his signature Jewish themes painted on and lacquered.

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