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Choose the perfect Prayer Shawl from our abundant collection of Prayer Shawls. Whether for yourself or for a loved one, we supply Prayer Shawls in an array of designs and materials, including silk, wool, cotton and polyester.

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Showing 1-32 out of 64 items

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Classic Jewish prayer shawls and unique modern patterns

After choosing the Prayer shawl, you can also get your name embroidered which adds a unique touch. Among our collection there are also handmade Prayer Shawls designed by Israeli artists.

"You shall make for yourselves twisted threads on the four corners of your garments with which you cover yourself" (Deuteronomy 22:12).

What Kinds of Tallitot (Hebrew for Prayer Shawls) are there?

The Tallit Gadol is also known in English as a Prayer Shawl and traditionally it needs to be large enough to cover most of the wearer's body. The average size of such a Prayer Shawl is five feet by two feet. Different customs exist regarding the wearing of a Prayer Shawl- in Ashkenazic communities it is usually only worn by married men, in Sephardic communities it is often worn by boys from their thirteenth birthday- the age at which they enter adulthood according to Judaism.

The Tallit Katan is more commonly known as Tzitzit and practicing Jewish men and boys wear this smaller Tallit every day, all day, under their clothing. The Tzitzit needs to be at least 16 X 16 inches in the front and back. The Tallit Katan is worn by Jewish men so as to be able to fulfill the commandment of wearing fringes every minute of the day even though strictly speaking one is not required to wear fringes unless one wears a four-cornered garment.

What are Prayer Shawls (Tallits) Made From?

Prayer Shawls were traditionally made from wool or linen but nowadays there are also silk and organza the market. A Prayer Shawl made from a combination of linen and wool is forbidden due to the laws of Shatnez (laws forbidding the mixing of certain species) whereas silk can be mixed with anything.

Generally speaking, Tallits are made of wool whereas Tzitzit are made from cotton due to the fact that they are worn close to the body and cotton is a more comfortable material to have close to the body.

The fringes that are tied to all four corners of the Tallit and Tzitzit are the main element of the garments and must be made under Rabbinic certification.

A Prayer Shawl is a very personal object, worn during times of intense personal connection with G-d. Therefore one should take the time to choose a Prayer Shawl that one connects to, making the fulfilment of the commandment more meaningful. Our collection includes a large variety of colours and designs and a number of options regarding the tying of the fringes, ensuring that each customer can find the perfect Prayer Shawl.

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