Tzedakah Box By Shraga Landesman

These Tzedaka Boxes by Shraga Landesman are decorative as well as functional and will enhance any home or synagogue decor.

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Showing 1-9 out of 9 items

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Tzedaka Boxes Handmade by Shraga Landesman

Charity and the Jews

Jews are known for their willingness to donate charity and extend financial assistance to people in need. The humble charity box is an integral feature of every Jewish home and today, it has become an artistic and impressive item that you will be proud to use and prominently display in your home.

Shraga Landesman

At aJudaica you will find a choice of striking charity boxes created by noted Israeli artist Shraga Landesman. He lives and works in Haifa where he has dedicated his life to creating works of art that express his passionate love of the Land of Israel and its People. His Judaica items are prized exhibits in galleries and museums and are used and admired in homes all over the world.

His Charity Box Collection

His exclusive tzedakah boxes will positively invite you to drop in those coins. His most intriguing box is triangle shaped with a curved rocking base - a visual delight that will encourage the children to learn to give charity from a young age. An unusual feature is the slot for the coins on the side. At the front is engraved in Hebrew, "Matan be'seter," extolling the virtue of anonymity when giving charity. On the reverse is a decorative Menorah design. This box comes in a choice of dramatic colors.

For a prestigious exclusive charity box that is absolutely one-of-a-kind, we invite you to enjoy his brass patina box. It displays a repeated wheat design at the base, a reminder of the staple of bread which sadly some people lack. At the top is a sweet looking dove, detachable in order to slip in the coins. An impressive display item, this will excite whoever sees it.

Giving Charity with a Shraga Landesman Box

Traditionally charity is given before kindling the Shabbat lights. There are many who give charity at least once a day. Coins are slipped into the box at a moment of prayer, to celebrate a joyous event or to remember a loved one. Whatever the reason, you can be sure that charity giving will be an elevating and inspiring experience with a Shraga Landesman charity box.

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