Mezuzah Case By Shraga Landesman

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Mezuzah Cases by Shraga Landesman

The Mezuzah Identity Kit

Wherever you travel, a Jewish home can always be identified by the Mezuzah case attached to the outside doorpost. Inside, is a small rolled up parchment on which is written the Shema paragraphs. There are stringent laws regarding the Mezuzah. So, it is important to purchase one that carries a reputable certification. In the spirit of “hiddur Mitzvah,” enhancing our Mitzvah observance, Jews have always taken pride in inserting their Kosher Mezuzah scrolls into beautiful cases that are aesthetically attractive and reflect individual taste and décor.

Shraga Landesman’s Mezuzahs

Leading Israeli artist Shraga Landesman offers us an exciting collection of Mezuzah cases that will bring a touch of Israel to your home. Each one is handcrafted in Israel by the artist. Their designs and themes reflect his love of the land and the traditional symbols of the Jewish nation. Using anodized aluminum, wood and also glass, he produces Mezuzah cases that are works of art, blending old and new, traditional and contemporary style art.

The Choice

Peace doves, with their meaningful message, is a popular Landesman theme. In a choice of colors, you will find a choice of single dove Mezuzah cases or an impressive two dove design where the rolled Mezuzah parchment is visible in a transparent glass tube.

A charming set of Mezuzah cases that would make a delightful theme for a set of rooms depicts Jewish agriculture – each case depicting a different product of the land - wheat, pomegranates, almonds and dates palms.

A dramatic change from convention is the angular shaped Mezuzah case. This comes in various colors, each one inscribed with the words of blessing that praise the beautiful homes of the Jews.

Of course, the collection would not be complete without a Hamsa Mezuzah case. This exceptional work of arts depicts a turquoise patina Hamsa hand, warding off negative energies.

In Conclusion

A Shraga Landesman Mezuzah case is a visual celebration that will elevate your home, bringing to it a touch of spirituality combined with a stunning work of art.

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