Kiddush Cups By Shraga Landesman

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Kiddush Cups by Landesman

The Kiddush

At the Kiddush ceremony on Shabbat, the one leading the table, holds the Kiddush cup filled with wine and declares aloud the Kiddush recitation. Afterwards, a good portion of the cup is drunk and the rest is poured out into small cups and distributed to all those present.

The Kiddush Cup

The Kiddush ceremony opens the Shabbat meal – a reminder of the holiness of the Shabbat day. All eyes will be on the Kiddush cup, filled to the brim with wine or grape juice – a sign of overflowing blessings. So, you will surely want to have an attractive and impressive cup - appropriate for this worthy role.

Shraga Landesman

Well-known Israeli artist Shraga Landesman, has designed a number of Kiddush cups to grace your Shabbat table and Judaica display. Made from anodized aluminum, most of them feature a clean cut highly attractive goblet cup – a style reminiscent of aristocracy. The cup rests on a striking pomegranate shaped base engraved with words from the Kiddush blessing. They come in a choice of colors so you can choose the one that best fits your style and taste.

Another option is an elegant impressive goblet-style Kiddush cup standing on a circular wooden base.

If you are looking for something different, try the cup and candlestick set resting on notches set into a wooden base.

Importance of Kiddush Cup

A Kiddush cup is an essential item in any Jewish home. In addition to Shabbat, it is also used for Holidays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, brit and other Jewish life cycle events. A Shraga Landesman Kiddush Cup combines tradition and contemporary art, honoring the Shabbat and its customs and traditions.

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