Hanukkah by Shraga Landsman

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Celebrating Chanukah

The eight-day Festival of Chanukah is celebrated with song and games, traditional dishes, joyful parties and family get-togethers and of course – kindling the eight branch Menorah - beginning with a single candle and adding another one each evening. The daily ceremony recalls the ancient miracle when the pious Maccabees restored the Holy Temple after it had been defiled by Greek idol-worshippers and a small vial of oil miraculously remained burning for eight days.

The Menorah symbol

Throughout the generations, the Menorah has been for the Jews a symbol of hope and faith. It stands in a prominent place, setting the tone and atmosphere. After Chanukah, the Menorah becomes a dramatic home decoration.

Throughout the ages, Jews have lavished love and attention on their Menorah. Although it is only used for eight days, it is prominently displayed throughout the year, taking pride of place in any Judaica collection.

The Shraga Landesman Menorah

If you wish to combine Jewish tradition with modern art, we recommend that you consider a Menorah created by beloved Israeli artist Shraga Landesman. His Menorahs express his passionate love for the land of Israel and its nature - the birds, flowers, trees and animals – remnants of the world that are a link with the country’s past.

On the aJudaica website, you will find a selection of 25 Menorahs - each one a unique form of art. Most are formed from metal or wood. The subdued silver, gold and blue colors give a natural sheen. Designs feature herons perched on a branch, awaiting the future with anticipation, grazing deer searching for food, birds on a tree branch singing their song. Prancing ibex give an impression of movement. A lonely deer gazes at a cactus plant on which a bird is perched – unafraid.

Our Recommendation

A Shraga Landesman Menorah is a superb work of art, an prestigious item you will be proud to use and display – a declaration of your appreciation for the fine art of Israel.

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