Jewish Jewelry By Shraga Landesman

These meaningful Judaica pendants by Israeli artist Shraga Landesman portray Biblical phrases with Jewish motifs forming unusual and contemporary Jewish Jewelry.

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Showing 1-11 out of 11 items

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Jewelry by Shraga Landesman

Why Jewish jewelry?

Jewish jewelry has always been popular - a great gift to buy or receive especially when it has been designed and hand-made by an Israeli artist. Wearing a piece of jewelry engraved with Hebrew text makes it even more precious. Whether the words come from the Bible, prayer book or Talmud, they are an expression of pride in identity and roots. A necklace that carries a Hebrew quotations brings a touch of spirituality to the wearer's life and will often be worn as a good luck omen.

The Shraga Landesman Pendant Collection

Beloved Israeli artist Shraga Landesman has designed an impressive pendant collection that is distinctively Jewish in theme. Each pendant comes with a chain making it a complete gift. Made of nickel and silver, the pendant is attached to the chain with colorful beads.

The Choice

Scroll through the choice of pendants and choose the text and matching drawing that speak to your heart. Many are engraved with meaningful words from the Song of Songs. Others display eloquent Bible verses or quotations from ancient prayers. Shraga uses fonts that are a replicate of ancient writings – a reminder of Israel's noble and distinguished past. Another dramatic pendant showcases a Hamsa hand of protection. Around the frame are engravings of fish - known to be impervious to the Evil Eye.

Notice the pendant displaying the Temple seven-branch Menorah and around, also in an ancient font, are the Hebrew words "Shalom al Yisrael" – there should be peace for Israel. What about the pendant with words from the famous Ana BeKoach prayer displaying mystical hands of blessing.

A striking pendant that is sure to be popular features a love bird in the center of a Star of David image and around the frame are words of blessing praising the beautiful homes of the Jews.

Whatever You Choose…

Scroll through the collection and enjoy each of these delicately-shaped exquisite pendants – the perfect accent to beauty and good taste. Whether you treat yourself or receive it as a gift of live, you can be sure that it will flatter you and your outfit and bring a touch of spirituality to your day.

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