Passover By Shraga Landesman

Colorful and original, these Seder Plates by Shraga Landesman will enhance your Seder Table and bring a smile to your face.

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Showing 1-14 out of 14 items

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Passover Items by Landesman

Pessach Nostalgia

The Festival of Pessach is an emotional highlight in the Jewish calendar. Many carry with them for years nostalgic memories of the Seder night of their childhood when the family gather together to read the Haggada and partake of the traditional Seder foods that include wine and matzah. The table is festively set and it is customary to use the finest dishes and accessories.

The Shraga Landesman Collection

Renowned Israeli artist Shraga Landesman presents us with a selection of items that you will be proud to display and use at the Seder table. Although the classic theme of Landesman is the vegetation and animal life of Israel, for his Pessach collection, he also makes frequent uses of the pomegranate theme. Pomegranates, symbol of bounty, wisdom and purity, are a popular image frequently used by Judaica artists.

His Seder Plate

The highlight of the Seder table is the Seder Plate, carrying the six ritual foods of the evening. Shraga Landesman presents us with original designs that feature the Star of David, symbol of Jewish hope, pride and identity. In one of them six small pomegranate shapes join together to create a Star of David shape in the center. In another splendid more elaborate stylish design, an aluminum circular tray holding the six traditional glass bowls for the ritual foods, also features a Star of David symbol in the center. It comes in a choice of colors. Another classic style Seder Plate features the familiar Landesman themes – trees, birds and deer – together with Song of Songs quotations.


When you wish to pass the charoset food around the table, Shraga Landesman offers you a delightful small pomegranate-shaped dish with a detachable glass bowl. A thoughtful gift for any hostess is his elegant Matzah holder displaying the iconic Landesman bird symbol.

Blending Art and Tradition

Whichever item you choose, a Shraga Landesman art work on your Seder table will bring you up-to-date with contemporary art that blends past and present, old and new in a delightful combination of colors, themes and materials.

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