Candlesticks by Shraga Landesman

These gentle nature inspired candlesticks by Shraga Landesman synthesize the flowing lines of nature with softly glowing candles for a unique look.

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Showing 1-18 out of 18 items

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Candlesticks by Shraga Landesman

Shabbat Candles

Whether the Shabbat candlesticks are elaborate or simple, classic or trendy, traditional or contemporary, they will always be the defining feature in a Jewish home. The glowing candle flames, kindled before dusk on Friday afternoon, radiates peace and tranquility, an atmosphere of inner peace that has characterized the Jewish nation throughout the ages.

Introducing Shraga Landesman

If you are looking for an original style, we recommend the creativity of Shraga Landesman, a leading Israeli artist who lives and works in Haifa and has become a household name throughout the world. His candlesticks are inspired by the world of nature, the birds and animals of the countryside that are almost non-existent in the city. His designs reflect his passionate love of the country of Israel and its cultural past.

The Candlestick Collection

In his candlestick collection, slender stem candlesticks made from cast aluminum, resemble elegant tree trunks. Bird images add a natural look. Others feature a clever optical illusion. Smaller size candlesticks offer attractive flower themes in a choice of colors. The angular design details give an impression of perpetual motion


The Shraga Landesman candlestick collection also includes a series of delightful pomegranate shaped travelling candlesticks to help every woman observe the mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles when she is away from home. They are compact enough to slip easily into any handbag or suitcase. As a creative touch, they can also be used with tapers to create a romantic atmosphere for that special dinner party.

Surely the most original design in the collection is the Kiddush cup and candlestick set fitting neatly into indentations on a wooden base. This will make a delightful gift or treat for yourself!

The Candlestick you choose…

Whichever Shraga Landesman candlestick you choose, its vitality and originality make it a meaningful way to welcome the Shabbat to your home and a delightful item to add to your Judaica display during the week.

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