Hanukkah Menorah Deer by Shraga Landesman

Hanukkah Menorah Deer by Shraga Landesman

9.8" / 25cm (Height)

Product Description

Designed by the Israeli artist Shraga Landesman, this Hanukkah Menorah represents an image of a kingfisher bird standing on a tree branch by the light of the Menorah. It is made of cast aluminium.
Sharaga Landesman describes the inspiration for his unique work: "my spiritual sources are the Bible and the ancient cultures that lived in the region. A disappearing world that I miss which does not exist anymore. I confront this world my way, trying to decode familiar cultural codes from those magic objects that these cultures left behind ".
Made in Israel.


Width: 10.2" / 26cm
Depth: 2.6" / 6cm
Material: Aluminium
Made in Israel
Artist: Shraga Landesman

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