Gabrieli Handwoven white Wool Tallit Set - White with Blue Stripes

Gabrieli Handwoven white Wool Tallit Set - White with Blue Stripes

$261.80 - $410.30
  • A charming tallit set for heart and soul
  • Quality wool-acrylic handwoven fabric
  • Made by Gabrieli on traditional looms
  • Features stripes in Israeli blue color

Product Description

The finest wool-acrylic has been hand woven by dedicated artisans on the looms of Gabrieli. The traditional Israeli flag colors of white and blue are beautifully reproduced, producing a tallit that expresses loyalty to tradition. Kosher tzitzit are attached so the tallit is ready to wear.

The tallit comes as a set together with a beautiful matching kippah and tallit bag. For additional protection, we also enclose a heavy duty plastic tallit bag cover. Since each order is custom made, please allow 4 weeks for preparation.

For over fifty years, the Gabriel family has been producing exclusive handwoven Tallitot, known world-over for their outstanding beauty and high quality workmanship. Every prayer shawl tallit is a handcrafted work of art - a unique gift for yourself or a dear one.


Tallit set by Gabrieli
Hand woven wool-acrylic blend
Choice of two sizes:
20" X 80" or 50" x 80"

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