Standard Kosher Mezuzah Scroll Ashkenaz Version

Standard Kosher Mezuzah Scroll Ashkenaz Version

$34.99 - $55.90

Product Description

This upgraded Mezuzah parchment is written in the Ashkenazi script by an aJudaica experienced and learned scribe. It comes with an option of five sizes. Make sure to choose a size that will comfortably fit your Mezuzah case.

All our Mezuzot are written on Shelil, quality calf hide parchment, by a scribe who adheres to the stringent Halachic requirements. On completion, the Mezuzah is double-checked by a proofreader who examines that the letters are written correctly and properly spaced and by a computer scan that ensures there are no missing or inadvertently added words or letters. The parchment will come with a certificate confirming that it is 100% Kosher and a ten-year warranty.

With each purchase comes a note with the blessing and basic instructions for attaching the Mezuzah to the doorpost.

All aJudaica mezuzah parchments are 100% kosher. The terms: basic, upgraded and mehudar refer to graded levels of excellence. Basic parchments meet minimal requirements. Upgraded is a more advanced level and Mehudar denotes the highest level of craftsmanship - script that is especially pleasing to the eye as befits such a holy item.


Made in Israel
Material: Klaf Shelil

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real kosher

We are not religious but we know a Jewish home must have a mezuzah. So, we were pleased to get from you a parchment that we knew was 100% kosher no ifs and buts.

Mezuzah scroll

I was nervous since I had heard about people ordering scrolls that aren't legitimate Some have even gotten the ten commandments on regular paper. When I received this item I had to make sure that it was kosher and said what it was supposed to say. They wrap this scroll up with the plastic so well it took me forever to open it. It said what it was supposed to say and I will order another soon from here but keep it wrapped this time.

Kosher Klaf

A standard simple and kosher mezuzah scroll for a reasonable price from a trusted supplier.

My Ashkenaz Kosher Scroll

My Scroll is beautiful and perfect in every way. It has been checked and is still in service nearly seven years after I ordered it.

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