Traditional Mezuzah By Agayof- Extra Large Dark

Traditional Mezuzah By Agayof- Extra Large Dark


Product Description

Classical mezuzah case with the letter "Shin", suitable for large scrolls, in bold and brilliant shades.

Comes in these 5 colors: dark blue, dark purple, dark green, red and black.

The mezuzah is made by means of advanced technology, in a modern and contemporary design.
The Mezuzah case can hold a parchment size between 6"-15 cm.
Suitable also for the front doorpost.
Made in Israel in the Agayof studio in Jerusalem.


Material: Anodized aluminium
Height: 7"/ 17.7cm
Width: 0.6"/ 1.5 cm
For scroll up to 6.0" / 15cm
Made in Israel
Artist: Agayof

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