Words from the Heart Pendant - Ha'Ari

Words from the Heart Pendant - Ha'Ari


Product Description

A gift from heart to heart!

More than words, this magnificent Kabbalah necklace will express to a dear one how precious she is to you. The sterling silver shaped heart is imbued with Kabbalah blessings - on one side are the holy names of G-d granting protection and on the other side are eloquent words from Psalms (27:8): “On your behalf my heart says”. Above the heart is a majestic crown of gold – worthy of a queen! Sterling silver chain included.


Type: Kabbalah charm
Height: 0.7"/1.8 cm
Width: 0.4"/1.2 cm
Materials: 9k gold, Sterling silver
Silver chain included
Artist: HaAri Jewelry

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