Pendant for Love and Relationships by HaAri

Pendant for Love and Relationships by HaAri


Product Description

This exceptional pendant is made of sterling silver, the inner ring is made of 9K Gold. Both sides of the pendant are engraved with a three-letter combination in Hebrew that spells one of the 72 names of God along with the corresponding psalms from Kabbablist texts.

Vav-Hey-Vav is believed to possess a 'Segula', a special quality for happiness and harmony at home.

Kuf-Lamed-Yud - enhances fertility.

Supply time: 3-4 days


SKU: HAR-P72103
Diameter: 0.9"/2.3 cm
Type: Kabbalah Jewelry
Sterling Silver chain included
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Made in Israel
Sterling silver, 9k gold

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