Decorative Havdala Candle

By Sty-IL
Decorative Havdala Candle

Decorative Havdala Candle

By Sty-IL
Approx 23cm / 9"

Product Description

It is moving to see how even relatively minor items are given the artist’s full attention when it is used for performance of a mitzvah. Judaica art testifies - aesthetics is not an end in itself but a tool to honor G-d and his commandments. Here, the artist has designed a beautiful Havdalah candle that is crafted by hand in the ancient city of Safed. The cone shape is interesting and unusual. We do not know if there is any significance in the connection but the head covering of the Priest in the Holy Temple, called a Magba’at, was cone shaped. Through his avodah - his tasks in the Temple - the Priest re-affirmed the unique qualities and innate purity of the Jewish nation.


Size: Approx 23cm / 9"
brand : Safed candle
Made in Israel

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