Handmade Ashkenaz Thin Tzitzit - Hassidic

By Talitnia

Handmade Ashkenaz Thin Tzitzit - Hassidic

By Talitnia

Product Description

These are thin handmade tzitzit made in accordance with Hassidic tradition. They are 100% Kosher and carry certification testifying to their Kashrut. It is important to be fully conversant with the technique of knotting and tying of tzitzit before undertaking this.

Everything in the world that G-d created involves a mitzvah for the Jewish nation as it says, “The Lord desires [this] for His righteousness' sake; He magnifies the Torah and strengthens it” (Isaiah 42:21) G-d gave us clothing and we have the mitzvah of tzitzit to bring His glory to the world.


SKU: TA-Chsdi-2
Material: Wool

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