Safed Pyramid Havdalah Candle

By Sty-IL

Safed Pyramid Havdalah Candle

By Sty-IL

Product Description

This breathtakingly beautiful pyramid-shaped Safed havdalah candle, made from Kosher natural beeswax, was crafted in the ancient city of Safed. Safety feature it stands firmly on the table and does not need to be held. Choose from nine colors all attractively packaged. Why not own a variety, so you can a different color each week. The options: orange-white, yellow-white, violet-lilac-white, turquoise-white, blue-white, maroon-white, rose pink-white, royal blue-white and purple-white. Standing proudly on your table, this candle will add dignity to the Havdalah ceremony.
Traditionally, the havdalah candle should be braided with at least two wicks. This is because the blessing we recite over the candle is in the plural form. The double wick also hints to the extra Shabbat soul that is now departing.


Brand : Safed candle
Size: 6 x 23 cm / 2.4" x 9"
Made in Israel

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