Safed Round Pillar "Jerusalem of Gold" Havdalah Candle

Safed Round Pillar "Jerusalem of Gold" Havdalah Candle

5 x 15 cm / 2" x 6"

Product Description

Here is an evocative candle. Made in Safed from Kosher beeswax, it depicts a picture of the Kotel. As the Shabbat departs and we feel the mounting pressures of daily life, we are reminded of the Kotel, the remaining wall of the holy Temple where the Shechinah, G-d’s holy presence never leaves. In Hebrew and English, it says on the candle – “Jerusalem of Gold” a reference to the golden qualities of the city and the famous song that was composed in 1967 and became a symbol of victory in the Six Day War.
True story – in 1940, a young family living in Belgium fled from the advancing German army. It was Shabbat. There was no time to lose. The car waited outside their home to drive them to the port where they hoped to sail to safety. As they left with only the clothes they wore, the young ten year old child spied the Shabbat cup and she grabbed it to take along to make havdalah at the end of Shabbat. Even at this time of fear and confusion, she intuitively knew that she must never forget the distinctions that are part of the life of every Jew.

Approximate burning time: 12-16 hours

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