YehuditsArt Papercut and Micrographics Wall Décor - Royal Ruth

YehuditsArt Papercut and Micrographics Wall Décor - Royal Ruth

$31.90 - $60.50
  • Papercut dedicated to all Ruths and the power of loving kindness
  • Ruth - a Moabite princess who became the ancestor of King David
  • Depicts Ruth in the field picking up forgotten stalks of grains
  • Around in micrographics are Boaz’s words of blessing to her

Product Description

A message of inspiration and encouragement. Ruth, a Moabite princess left her wealth to take care of her mother-in-law Naomi and to join the Jewish nation. Here, we see her in the field picking stalks of grain. Her modesty, grace and great spirit were acknowledged by Boaz. His words of blessing are written around in micrographics. He married her and she became the ancestor of King David.

You can choose a high quality print combined with handwork or a made to order individually prepared 100% handwork.
Preparation time is 3-4 days
Comes with tasteful frame ready to hang on wall


Artist: YehuditsArt
Colored papers
Calligraphic materials
Height: 7.2” / 18.2 cm
Width: 7.2” / 18.2 cm

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