YehuditsArt Papercut and Micrographics Wall Decor - Jewish Wedding

YehuditsArt Papercut and Micrographics Wall Decor - Jewish Wedding

$41.80 - $99.00
  • YehuditsArt's paper cutting art make this the perfect gift for any newly married couple
  • She captures the wedding ceremony when the groom places the ring on the bride's finger
  • In the background - a cute home with wheat stalks, symbol of growth and prosperity
  • Around, in micrographics, are traditional Biblical wedding blessings.

Product Description

A magnificent gift to perpetuate an eternal moment. Bride and Groom stand under the wedding canopy as he places the ring on her finger. In the background is a pretty home with a garden of flowers symbol of marital happiness. Around, in micrographics, are the wedding blessings showered on Ruth when she married Boaz and became Mother of Royalty.

You can choose a high quality print combined with handwork or a made to order individually prepared 100% handwork.
Preparation time is 3-4 days. Comes with tasteful gold frame. Ready to hang on wall.


Artist: YehuditsArt
Colored papers
Calligraphic materials
Height: 9.2 / 23.3 cm
Width: 9.2 / 23.3 cm

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