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Tzitzit & Tekhelet

Tzitzit & Tekhelet

The biblical command to attach fringes to the four corners of a tallit serves to remind us of our obligations to God and to fellow man. Choose from Ashkenazic, Sefardic, Yemenite, handmade or machine made tzitzit, light or heavyweight Techelet.

Tzitzit Fringes and blue Techelet thread

Most of the Tallitot we sell come with standard machine made Tzitzit or fringes. There are traditiona which use hand made fringes, either thin or thick one, and additionally, many adhere to the school of thought to add the Techelet blue fringe as commanded in the Torah. These are tied by hand by our expert staff, and sent ready made. The two main kinds of Tzitzit are Ashkenaz and Sefardic, both available in thin and thick width, and they are tied according to specific traditions with a prescribed number of knots and ties according to ancient traditions. Some people learn how to tie according to their tradition and tie the fringes themselves, when they get worn out, or knotted. The fringes should be hand washed in cold water to avoid knotting and tearing.

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