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One reason why we cover the Challah on Shabbat, is to commemorate the manna which God sent the Jews when sojourning in the desert for forty years. The manna was covered with a light covering of dew to protect it. Choose from our varied collection of challah covers!

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Challah Covers for Shabbat and Yom Tov

Another reason we cover the Challah on the Shabbat table is that there is an order of blessings, in other words, if a person is presented with a variety of foods, there is a hierarchy of blessing. The blessing over bread is usually recited before the blessing over wine usually but at the Shabbat Surdaj, the Kiddush is recited before we partake of the Challah, therefore, we cover the Challah so that it will not be "shamed" at being relegated to second. Food for thought, actually, if we take such care not to shame Challot, all the more for human beings! We feature many styles and materials of these items, from designer ones to silk ones with lively decoration. You'll find something you like here, no matter what your taste is.The Yair Emanuel ones having diverse designs and colors, with oriental themes, or nature related embroidery, in excellent quality.

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