Jerusalem Mezuzah with Shin and Colored Stones

Jerusalem Mezuzah with Shin and Colored Stones


Product Description

These two Mezuzah cases are striking in their concept of Old City Jerusalem. Winding staircases, the Citadel, dome rooftops and the city wall form part of this intricate design. In the center is the “shin” motif casting its glow over Jerusalem.
We offer two options to meet your taste and preferences - either zamak gold on a dull silver base adorned with gold colored stones or alternatively, silver zamak on a dull silver base adorned with blue stones

All Yealat Chen’s Mezuzah cases are long lasting with a warranty. They are climate resistant and made from superior quality materials that will serve you well over the years. The parchment is sealed at the back and the case is attached to the wall with screws in the holes at the top and base.

Note: Specified sizes refer to parchment length. The Mezuzah case is approx. 1” longer to ensure comfortable parchment insertion.


Artist: Yealat Chen
Weather Resistant
Material: Zamak
Made In Israel

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mezuzah for entry door

We purchased this particular Mezzuah for our front door. It is stunning and very noticeable. The craftsmanship is outstanding.

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