Pewter Jerusalem Mezuzah

Pewter Jerusalem Mezuzah

12 cm / 5"

Product Description

Jerusalem is the theme of this evocative pewter Mezuzah. It will add beauty to your home and will serve as a reminder of our yearning for Jerusalem. Atop a swirling stone stands the letter “shin” – a reminder that when the time comes, G-d will rebuild the broken stones and we will return to the rebuilt Jerusalem.

This Mezuzah case comes with a warranty for ten years. Attach it to the doorpost with two-sided adhesive tape or by inserting screws in the holes at the top and bottom of the case.

Note: the size given here refers to the size of the Mezuzah scroll appropriate for this case. The case itself is usually 1” larger.


SKU: ZB-700
Size: 12 cm / 5"
Material: Pewter
Made In Israel

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It arrived so quickly and had been carefully packed. I had wanted one for such a long time and don't know why I waited. I guess I thought it would be hard to find, and then I found you! Thank you!

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