Spikenard of Mary - Anointing oil 7.5 ml.

Spikenard of Mary - Anointing oil 7.5 ml.

7.5 ml. - 1/4 oz

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Spikenard of Mary
Anointing Oil 7.5 ml. - 1/4 oz.

Also called nard, nardin, and muskroot. Can be crushed and distilled into an intensely aromatic amber-colored essential oil, which is very thick in consistency. Nard oil is used as a perfume, an incense, a sedative, and as herbal medicine said to fight insomnia, birth difficulties, and other minor ailments.

The oil was known in ancient times and was part of the Ayurvedic herbal tradition of India. It was obtained as a luxury in ancient Egypt, the Near East, and Rome, where it was the main ingredient of the perfume nardinum.
Nard is mentioned a number of times in the Old Testament. It was used as one of the Eleven Herbs for the Incense in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. And it is mentioned in the biblical love poem, the Song of Solomon (1:12 and 4:13).


SKU: EG-4251901
Size: 7.5 ml. - 1/4 oz
Brand: Ein Gedi

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Quick delivery

Delivery was excellent!I got it really quickly considering it was coming from Isreal. My wife likes the smell of Spikenard so I gave it to her. I also did a sample smell test and everyone love the smell. Will buy from seller again. Thanks

need more

It is so cool to be able to smell the stuff that was used in bible times. I need to buy more, I plan to purchase the other oils as well.

Fantastic oils, thanks!

These oils are authentic, made in Israel, fabulous fragrance, even the box and the packing boxs were full of the lovely aromas of these wonderful oils. I will be purchasing more as gifts.

it's a piece of Israel

it is a wonderful blessing to have this from Jerusalem. truly a piece of land blessed from above. that such a small place that is the focus of the whole world.

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