Floral design silver plated Candlesticks

By Hoshen Judaica

Floral design silver plated Candlesticks

By Hoshen Judaica
Height: 7" / 18 cm

Product Description

These silver plated candlesticks of a medium height have a classic circular shape. They carry a pretty decorative floral design.

The mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles has always been cherished. One Friday in 1942, a young woman, crowded in the inhuman cattle train riding to Auschwitz, struggled to lay out a pair of silver candlesticks with candles and matches – all that she had managed to take from her home. She lit the candles and as she recited the blessing in a trembling voice, the piercing screams and wails around her ceased. In place of the terror and desperation, there was inner peace and fortitude. A survivor recalls, “It was a holy moment. We understood – the Nazis can break our bodies but the Jewish spirit is eternal and will remain forever.”


SKU: PL-P842K/x254n
Size: Height: 7" / 18 cm

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