Jerusalem shaped Candlesticks

Jerusalem shaped Candlesticks

Height:3.6"/9.2 cm

Product Description

Here is an eye-catching set of candlesticks. They are square-shaped. Join them together and you have a beautiful picture of Old City Jerusalem. These candlesticks make a delightful hostess gift – to be appreciated and used with pleasure. Or, maybe keep them for yourself and use them appropriately during the Three Weeks preceding Tisha be’Av when we mourn the loss of Jerusalem and our holy Beis Hamikdash.

When the Temple was destroyed, our Sages knew that as the years passed, memory would dim. So, they introduced various measures so that we should be constantly reminded of the great loss. One of these is the breaking of a glass at the climax of the wedding ceremony. Our joy is not complete as long as we do not have the Temple.

Size of each candlestick:
Height:3.6"/9.2 cm
Width: 1.4"/ 3.6 cm


SKU: KR-1052
Size: Height:3.6"/9.2 cm

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JEreusalem, my love

for those of us who looooooooooooooove jersualem and can't get enough- i recommend these fantaaaaaaaaastic candlesticks,

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