Small Silver Plated Candlesticks with Tray

Small Silver Plated Candlesticks with Tray

Height: 7cm / 2.8"

Product Description

Here are two pretty nickel covered candlesticks. The accompanying oval tray will catch any dripping wax. Note the pretty bunch of grapes adorning the base. We recommend these candlesticks as an extra set for guests.

Grapes, one of the seven agricultural species for which the Land of Israel is praised, are a meaningful Judaica motif. We read in the Torah how Moshe sent spies in advance to report on the Promised Land and they returned with grapes so large and heavy that it needed two people to carry the branch.


SKU: PL-373s
Size: Height: 7cm / 2.8"
Tray size: 9" x 5"

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Two Candle Inserts
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i love shabbat

shabbat is a time of peace, rest and love. it's my spiritual day- no phones, no facebook... just love, spirituality. these candlesticks reflect a special light

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