Square silver plated Candlesticks

Square silver plated Candlesticks

8" / 20 cm

Product Description

If you are you looking for inexpensive but distinguished candlesticks you will enjoy this set. The square straight line and the gold and silver combination express a cool elegance that will give you pleasure week after week.

How do you light Shabbat candles? First kindle the lights and then extend your hands over them in a circular motion. Draw them inwards, cover your eyes and recite the blessing. Candle-lighting time is a propitious time for prayer. After reciting the blessing, many spend another few minutes praying for their dear ones. Some recite the names of their children and grandchildren, specifying those who have a special need. May all our prayers be fulfilled.


SKU: PL-P349
Size: 8" / 20 cm

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Elegant, sleek

These are sleek and elegant, perfect for us. Thank you!

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